Fire Safety Audits

Firecom Safety Systems offer a comprehensive auditing service to enable you to successfully budget for future costs associated with fire extinguishers, (and their replacement), fire alarm and emergency light repair, and upgrade works.

Our auditing service provides:

Fire Extinguishers
  1. How many assets have you got on site, location, what is their age, next test due date, general overall condition, replacement dates and associated future costs.

Fire Alarm Systems
  1. When was the system last tested, by whom (was it a qualified and competent person) how many smoke, heat detectors are on site, sounders, beacons. Is the fire alarm audible in all areas of the building? Does it comply with BS5839 guidelines including the provision for disabled personnel or visitors? Do you have a zonal drawing next to your fire alarm panel, supplied by your contractor which is a requirement under BS5839 guidelines?

Emergency Lighting Systems
  1. Does your emergency lighting system achieve the correct level of compliance in accordance with BS5266 standards, how do you measure illumination (Lux), are all areas of your building covered, do you have a plan showing where all your emergency light bulkheads are, age, type, manufacturer expected lifetime? Again, with a comprehensive audit and accurate record of this system by Firecom Safety Systems can help you for future budgeting purposes as well as identify all your assets on site.

Sprinkler Systems
  1. We often find that our clients know that they have a building fire sprinkler system but are unsure as to whether it is required, what it covers, what type of system it is; town’s main, pump or tank fed.

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