Evacuation Training

All building personnel, staff, visitors, guests, contractors must be able to safely evacuate your premises.

In accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 every company should have an emergency fire action plan which incorporates escape routes, muster areas (roll call), missing persons. This also forms part of the Fire Risk Assessment process.

There should also be clearly identifiable person(s) depending on the size and complexity of the building, on site who are able to liaise between Fire marshals and the Fire Brigade on attendance in an emergency.

Firecom Safety Systems can provide comprehensive fire safety and evacuation training for senior members of the company to ensure your business has the correct emergency plan. This is to account for numbers of personnel on site, specific risks i.e. instructing to staff to turn off equipment before exiting the building which can cause secondary fires if left unattended, missing persons and how to implement an effective role call procedures.

In the advent of more people working from home, as against the office, it is sometimes difficult to identify who is in (or not in) the building. Our consultants can discuss an effective fire emergency strategy taking into account all these factors and more to ensure all your building personnel successfully evacuate the building in the event of a fire emergency.

Did you know?

In accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and BS 5839 guidelines (Fire Alarm Systems), a zonal plan should be displayed next to your fire alarm panel which should be at your main reception area. This is because it assists the Fire Service on attendance identify not only where the fire may be located but also a clear plan of the building.

Firecom Safety Systems goes one stage further in helping our clients use this plan to not only identify fire points but also direction of travel with building escape routes, avoidance on evacuation of areas of potential high fire risk (storage of chemicals), as well as successful evacuation of disabled refuge areas.

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